nssled logo

New Sunshine LOGO

The logo looks like a sun,the central NS is the abbreviation of "New Sunshine",implied our company gloriously radiant like the sun,our mind as extended as the sun.'New Sunshine' is also association with the LED lighting industry, means our constant innovation ability.

zhaopeng logo

Zhaopeng LOGO

The outside is a sun,inside is arocsoar the sky toward the rising sun, symbolizing our rising cacreer and great ambition.Shenzhen is also referred to as "Peng city",the central ZP is the first letter of "Zhaopeng Peng".

company culture
"New Sunshine Family " is a team with sunshine in heart and sunny smile on face! We will step on the broad road full of sunlight! Our company disciplined like an army, courage, invincible ; our company progressivele like a school, transcend, innovation; our company warm like a family, harmony , concerned.

Newsunshine always uphold below philosophys:
Set your target high, get your career wide.
Attitude decides everything, detail makes difference.
Confidence + perseverance + patience + Modest + Benevolence= success
No best, but better !
   ‘Quality, brand, virtue’