Employee activities

The display of Newsunshine lighting employee activities.

2016 The Newsunshine Annual Party

Shenzhen Zhaopeng Technology Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of LED lighting, which is subsidiary of New Sunshine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Products cover LED corn bulbs( use as warehouse light, street lamp, garden lig

Christmas wishes from New Sunshine

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Christmas wishes from New Sunshine

Tactical Training Camp

The purpose of training camp is through experiential activities to help employees get to life and work new understanding, lit the staff for the passion of life, work and stimulate the internal driving force, will tempering, enhance self-co

Annual evening party

Today is a special day, I am happy to get together with all of you. 10 years ago, Newsunshine Manufacturing Co., Ltd was established. 5 years ago today, Zhaopeng LED finishned assembly plant officially settled in Longhua New District.

Birthday of Linda

Today is Linda's birthday, colleagues spontaneous send blessings to Linda.

Birthday of Manager Ni

Colleagues celebrate birthdays for manager Ni

Birthday of Robert

2015.5.9 is our CEO Robert Qin's Bithday, and he is in the Tampa, USA at that time, so all of Newsunshine's staffs may the brithday wishes to him throug the video.

The morning meeting

Every Monday morning, Our CEO Robert Qin would preside the morning meeting for all Newsunshine's staffs, share some incentive sentences and stories to motivate everyone's spirit.

Close to nature, release soul and mi

The same piece of iron can be melt, can also be toughened and hardened into steel. So the same team can be can be commonplace, can also achieve great accomplishments. In order to improve our team’s cooperation ability, we organize our 56 s

Riding in the Greenway

In order to increase their leisure activities, organized by the company to wave green road riding and farmhouse activities

Birthday party of Staff

Birthday party of Staff

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