Street Landscape Application

Show Newunshine Lighting's led street light in the world of application drawing

LED Module street light 120w at abou

LED Module street light 120w at about 9 meters in Colorado,it takes sensor,while day breaks light can be turned off,if get dark,it can be turned on,it's very saving energy and convenience for customers.

40W LED Corn Lamp used in cobra head

40W LED Corn Lamp used at about 7.5 meters height to replace 250W MH in cobra head street lighting fixture,it’s enough space for heat dissipation.

60W LED Corn Lamp for advertising li

It was installed inside of the billboard with enough space,look at outside you will find it’s wonderful to have such effect.

20W 30W LED Corn Light be used as st

20W 30W LED Corn Light always used for post top street light in Europe to replacement 70w-100w MH/HPS.

20W LED Corn Light for street lighti

Near the Luxembourg TV station,20w led corn light was installed in global shape and cobra head fixture for outdoor street lighting. It’s about 6 meters height.

120W Module LED Street Light in a to

120w module led street light was installed at 7-10 meter high in a town in USA.It is more bright after replacement exist metal halide lamp 400W. It is working near 2 years and still working prefect.

AluCorns 86W were used in Warsaw,Pol

Here are sample photos. Street and parking lot in Warsaw, Poland. AluCorns 86W were used there. However by the lamp light You do not see it is alucorn.

20W LED Garden Light in Wien,Austria

led garden light 20w installed in enclosed street light pole at about 5 meters in Vienna. It's bright enough because of good lamp structure and light distribution.

40W LED Corn Light in Frankfurt,Germ

40W led corn light all can be used in such street lighting fixture. It's popular in European countries especially in Germany. They can be installed at 2-7 meters height to replacement 70~200W MH or HPS.

30W LED Corn Light in Koblenz German

30W led corn light used at 3 meters to replacement 70w Metal Halide lamp at Koblenz Germany. There are a lot of such fixtures in Germany and it's perfect to use our 20w 30w corn light.

30W LED Corn Bulb is Stuttgart Germa

20W 30W led corn light for street lighting project in Stuttgart Germany. We replaced with our corn bulbs for whole street, bright enough on street at night and customers appreciated for that.

20W LED Garden light used in Ecuador

20W LED garden lights used in Ecuador. This patented LED Garden Light is designed with oblique panel light which takes full advantage of LED's unidirectional photic that makes the light spot to the ground efficiently.This has increased the l

30W LED Corn Bulb for post top in Vi

LED corn bulb is our popular product.This 30W led corn Bulbs used as post top street lighting in Vienna. Customer always request corn bulb 20W 30W in such fixtures.

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