Training process
1 before taking office (Department Manager) Before taking office:
1.1 new staff welcome letter (HR department)
1.2 other employees in the Department to know the arrival of new employees
1.3 to prepare the new staff office, office supplies
1.4 prepare for new staff training department training data
1.5 to appoint a senior staff as a new employee for the new employee
1.6 to prepare the first job for the new staff.

2 Department Post Training (Department Manager) 
2.1 report to the human resources department for new staff training (HR).
2.2 to report to the Department, the manager on behalf of all the staff to welcome the arrival of new employees
2.3 introduction of new employees to understand the Department staff
2.4 department structure and function, the special provisions of the Department
2.5 job description and responsibilities of new staff
2.6 discuss the first job of the new employee
2.7to send the old staff to accompany the new employees to the company's restaurant to eat the first meal after Fifth days later
2.8 within a week, the Department Manager and new staff to carry out informal conversation, reiterated the work responsibilities, to talk about the problems in the work, to answer questions about the new staff.
2.9 evaluate the performance of the new employee and identify some short-term performance targets.
2.10 set the time for the next performance evaluation Thirtieth days after the arrival of 2.11
2.12department managers and new employees to discuss the performance of a month of the probation, fill in the evaluation form after ninety days later
2.13 human resources department manager and the Department Manager together to discuss a new employee performance, whether on the job is suitable, fill in the form of the probation period and with new employees try
2.14 period performance appraisal conversation, tell new employees performance assessment requirements and system.

3 the company's overall training: (human resources department is responsible for - not regular)
3.1 company history and vision, corporate organizational structure, the main business
3.2 company policies and benefits, company related procedures, performance assessment 3.3 the company's functional departments, the company training plan and procedures
3.4 the issue of the company's overall training data, to answer the questions raised by the new staff