Garden Application

Show Newunshine Lighting's led garden lights in the world of application drawing

40w LED corn light used for resident

In Garden Grove, CA, LED corn light 40w used for residential lighting installed on the family exterior wall about 2 meters height.It's more brighter than metal halide lamp after replacement, also help to save your electric bill.

120W Module LED Street Light in a to

120w module led street light was installed at 7-10 meter high in a town in USA.It is more bright after replacement exist metal halide lamp 400W. It is working near 2 years and still working prefect.

30W LED Corn Light in Koblenz German

30W led corn light used at 3 meters to replacement 70w Metal Halide lamp at Koblenz Germany. There are a lot of such fixtures in Germany and it's perfect to use our 20w 30w corn light.

20W LED Garden light used in Ecuador

20W LED garden lights used in Ecuador. This patented LED Garden Light is designed with oblique panel light which takes full advantage of LED's unidirectional photic that makes the light spot to the ground efficiently.This has increased the l

40W LED Corn Bulb for street lightin

In this street and square,40w corn bulb was installed at about 3 meters in sealed post top fixture,looks very comfortable,360 degree beam angle lighting,high efficiency.

30W LED Corn Bulb for post top in Vi

LED corn bulb is our popular product.This 30W led corn Bulbs used as post top street lighting in Vienna. Customer always request corn bulb 20W 30W in such fixtures.

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