led corn light

Newsunshine lighting is first led corn light manufacturing,We offer the high quality led corn bulb.

20w led corn bulb light

description: 20 watt led corn bulb light for Newsunshine LED,12 sides,UL,TUV certification,high lumens efficacy,2600lumens,smd led light bulb,e26,e27,e39,e40 base,50,000hours lifetimes,led corn light applications:both oudoor and indoor,used as outdoor garden light

150w led corn light bulb

description: 150w high wattage led corn light bulb,energy efficient bulb ,base e26,e27,e39,e40 led light,high lumens efficacy,19500lumens,replacement 600 watt metal halide or High Pressure Sodium,led wholesaler-Newsunshine LED

120w led corn light bulb

description: 120w led corn light bulb with UL,TUV retification,amazing high lumens efficacy,15600lumens,12 sides,used us outdoor led street light bulbs,led garden light bulb,indoor led warehous light bulb,etc.. buy led light online from NewSunshine LED

100w led corn light bulb

description: 100w led corn light bulb with UL,TUV retificationg,100 watt energy saving light bulbs,high efficient light bulbs,400 watt metal halide led replacement,e26,e27,e39,e40 base,smd led 12 sides,5 years warranty from NewSunshine LED

80w led corn light bulb

description: 80w led corn light bulb,250w metal halide led replacement,UL,TUV certificated,50000 hours very long lifetime,high efficiency light bulbs,flux up to 10400lumens,China led suppler-NewSunshine LED

60w led corn light bulb

description: 60w led corn light bulb, best energy efficient light bulbs,removable power supply,50000 hours very long lifetime,UL,TUV certificated,high lumens efficacy 7800 lumens,175 watt metal halide led replacement,led manufacturers-NewSunshine LED

50w led corn light bulb

description: 50w led corn light bulb,150 watt metal halide led replacement,UL,TUV certification,smd led light bulbs,12 sides,e26,e27,e39,e40 base,flux 6500lumens,50000 hours lifetime,best led light manufacturers-NewSunshine LED

20 watt led corn light bulb

description: 20 watt led corn light bulb,70 watt metal halide led replacement,ul listed led lights,10 sides with cover,e27,e26 base led light,5 years warranty,flux up to 2400 lumems,used as office lighting,work lighting,indoor led lighting.

15w led corn bulbs

description: 15w led corn bubls,ce rohs led bulbs,5 years warranty,flux 1800lumens,e26,e39,e27,e40 lamps base,used in hotel, home, night light, supermarkets and decoration.

15 watt led corn bulbs

description: 15 watt led corn bulbs,ul listed led lights,50000 hours very long lifetimes,5 years warranty,high quality led corn light bulb from new sunshine manufacuturing co,.ltd

12w led corn bulbs

description: 12w led corn bulbs from china led manufacturers-Newsunshine manufacturing co,.ltd,5 years warranty,e26,e27 lamp base,high efficiency light bulbs,flux up to high 1440 lumens. No UV and near-IR radiation in the l ight beam. Very low energy consumption

60w led corn light

description: 60 watt led corn light replace 150 watt metal halide directly,ul listed light base,e26,e27 base light bulb,5700lumens,5 years warranty,best led corn bulbs from Newsunshine led

50w led corn light

description: 50w led corn light,130 watt hps to led conversion,8 sides cover,ul listed led driver,5 years warranty,power built-in,easy to install,Luminous Flux 4750 lumens,newsunshine led supply high quality led corn cob light bulbs.

40w led corn light

description: 40w led corn light from china led manufacturers-Newsunshine,8 sides with cover,ul listed led lights,TUV certificatied,luminous efficiency 3800 lumens,e26,e27 lamp base,5 years warranty

40w led corn bulb light

description: 40 watt led corn bulb light,smd led light 12 sides,UL,TUV certification,best energy saving led light bulb from China,e26,e27,e39,e40 base,flux high 5200 lumens,led replacement metal halide 120w,led corn light supplers-Newsunshine led

30 watt led corn light bulb

description: 30 watt led corn light, power built-in&external power supply led lamp,ul certificated led cob lights,5 years warranty,e26,e27,e39,e40 light bulb,100 watt hps to led relacement,flux 3600 lumens

30w led corn light

description: 30w led corn light,UL approved lights,energy saving led bulb,8 sides with cover,flux up to 2850lm,used as oudoor led light for home,indoor lights bulbs,5 years warranty,easy to insall,e26,e27,e39,e40 base.

30w led corn bulb light

description: 30 watt led corn bulb light,smd led,12 sides,UL.TUV certification,flux up to 3900Lumens,e26,e27,e39,e40 base led light bulb,used as indoor warhouse light,oudoor led street light bulb,100w metal halide replacement,best led corn light manufacturer from

20 watt led corn bulbs

description: 20 watt led corn bulbs.ul,tuv certificated,led corn light applications,5 years warranty, 50000 hours lifetime,e26,e39,e27,e40 led lights,led corn light bulb factory-Newsunshine manufacturing co,.ltd.

20w led corn bulbs

description: 20w led corn bulbs,ce rohs certificated led lights,8 sides,5 years warranty,50000 hours long lifetime,70 watt HPS led replacement,high efficient light bulbs.

20w led corn light

description: 20w led corn light from led corn light suppliers-Newsunshine,UL,TUV certificated,8 sides with cover,power built-in,used in outdoor$indoor,easy to install,e26.e27 light base,low energy led light bulbs,5 years warranty,

9w led corn bulbs

description: 9w led corn bulbs,low watt led light bulb,12 sides,1080LM,e26,e27 light bulbs,5 years warranty,used in hotel, home, night light, supermarkets and decoration,replace 26w HID MHL.

6w led corn bulbs

description: 6w led corn bulbs,low wattage led light bulbs,8 sides,720 lumens,used as led lighting for home,hotel led lighting bulb,supermarket led lighting,etc..,led light bulbs supplier-Newsunshine LED

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