Indoor Application

Show led warehouse lighting,led corn bulb and other led retrofit kits engineering applications.

12W LED Corn bulbs used for hotel de

12W LED Corn bulbs used for hotel decoration lighting. Thousands pieces 12W intalled in enclosed fixture as outdoor balcony lighing. They looks beautiful and bright.

Small corn bulb 9W12S used at home i

Small corn bulb 9W12S used at home in Atlanta,warm white make it comfortable. It's also greatful for decoration in ticket lobby,looks beautiful.

This is a filament bulb in an enclos

This is a filament bulb in an enclosed fixture on wall,enough space,not for main lighting,but good light distribution,soft light with frosted cover.

60W LED Corn Light in UK airports

NSWL12S 60W LED Corn Light was installed in UK airport to replace 250W Metal Halide lamp for more than two years,it kept bright enough and good condition.

40W LED Corn Lamp used in cobra head

40W LED Corn Lamp used at about 7.5 meters height to replace 250W MH in cobra head street lighting fixture,it’s enough space for heat dissipation.

20W LED Corn Light for street lighti

Near the Luxembourg TV station,20w led corn light was installed in global shape and cobra head fixture for outdoor street lighting. It’s about 6 meters height.

60W LED Corn Light used in library i

This library used our 60w led corn light in hanging global shape fixture to replace 175W MH. It’s very good lighting for people reading.

80W LED Corn Light used in parking g

There are many kind of such parking garage in USA which can be installed our high power led corn light 80W,our customer compared it with traditional lamps and feedback very well.80W corn bulb can replace 250W MH/HPS.

60W LED Corn Lamp used for high bay

This 60w led corn lamp used as high bay light in a supermarket,it’s more bright than before even only turn on half lamps,very energy saving for customers.

100W LED Corn Light be used in the M

Mexico customer use 100w corn lamp instead of 450w halogen lamp, used for Mexico airlines at the front desk sample, the effect is very good.

12W LED corn light used as celling l

12W LED corn light used as celling light in USA

90W LED Pizza Lamp used in warehouse

The lamp was installed at about 6 meter height,it's sucessful application of indoor lighting with 120 degree beam angle,it can shine down directly on the floor,so lighting is more concentrate.

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