Outdoor Application

Mainly show led street light,led wall packs,led garden lights and other outdoor led light fixture project cases.

50w CW and 80w LED retrofit kit used

It's our 50w CW and 80w LED retrofit kit used for packing lot retrofit kit light , the picture is taken by our HI ,USA customer at 2016 .

Shoebox is widely application in eve

Shoebox is widely application in every state in USA,a lot of place such as parking lot,street,square etc.normally it mounted at 30-50feet.200W 300W Shoebox light is most popular one.Here are two cases in California,each parking need hundreds pieces Sh

40W LED Corn Lamp used in cobra head

40W LED Corn Lamp used at about 7.5 meters height to replace 250W MH in cobra head street lighting fixture,it’s enough space for heat dissipation.

60W LED Corn Lamp for advertising li

It was installed inside of the billboard with enough space,look at outside you will find it’s wonderful to have such effect.

20W 30W LED Corn Light be used as st

20W 30W LED Corn Light always used for post top street light in Europe to replacement 70w-100w MH/HPS.

20W LED Corn Light for street lighti

Near the Luxembourg TV station,20w led corn light was installed in global shape and cobra head fixture for outdoor street lighting. It’s about 6 meters height.

30W LED Corn Bulb in gas station in

Our popular type NSWL12S 30W corn bulb used at a gas station in Puerto Rico since April 2013. This LED light no mercury, resistance to temperature difference. For the gas station, the security is a key consideration, compare the traditional lamps, LED

120W Module LED Street Light in a to

120w module led street light was installed at 7-10 meter high in a town in USA.It is more bright after replacement exist metal halide lamp 400W. It is working near 2 years and still working prefect.

AluCorns 86W were used in Warsaw,Pol

Here are sample photos. Street and parking lot in Warsaw, Poland. AluCorns 86W were used there. However by the lamp light You do not see it is alucorn.

30W LED Corn Light in Koblenz German

30W led corn light used at 3 meters to replacement 70w Metal Halide lamp at Koblenz Germany. There are a lot of such fixtures in Germany and it's perfect to use our 20w 30w corn light.

30W LED Corn Bulb is Stuttgart Germa

20W 30W led corn light for street lighting project in Stuttgart Germany. We replaced with our corn bulbs for whole street, bright enough on street at night and customers appreciated for that.

20W LED Garden light used in Ecuador

20W LED garden lights used in Ecuador. This patented LED Garden Light is designed with oblique panel light which takes full advantage of LED's unidirectional photic that makes the light spot to the ground efficiently.This has increased the l

90W LED Pizza Light in Russia

E40 90W LED Flat Panel Light used in Russia building to replace incandescent lamps. E40 90W LED Flat Panel Light can operate for 50000hours or more . Duo to the long lifetime, avoid frequent replacement the lights. 90W LED Flat Panel Lights lighting b

60W LED Corn Light used in library i

This library used our 60w led corn light in hanging global shape fixture to replace 175W MH. It’s very good lighting for people reading.

40W LED Corn Bulb for street lightin

In this street and square,40w corn bulb was installed at about 3 meters in sealed post top fixture,looks very comfortable,360 degree beam angle lighting,high efficiency.

80W LED Corn Light used in parking g

There are many kind of such parking garage in USA which can be installed our high power led corn light 80W,our customer compared it with traditional lamps and feedback very well.80W corn bulb can replace 250W MH/HPS.

30W LED Corn Bulb for post top in Vi

LED corn bulb is our popular product.This 30W led corn Bulbs used as post top street lighting in Vienna. Customer always request corn bulb 20W 30W in such fixtures.

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